‘This is absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you for creating such a wonderful piece of art, and inviting us, the local school children and community, to participate in this great legacy of a project.

Many thanks’

Avia Willis, Library Assistant/Assistant Library Manager, Birmingham City Council

‘WOW!! The display with our tiles looks stunning…close up and from afar, love all the intricate designs and words used, just looks wonderful. Really can see our community’s creativity displayed in a brilliant way.

Maud you have done a great job compiling it all together piece by piece in to visual stunning display representing our community.’

Mehnaz Afzal, Birchfield Big Local 

‘The Blackhorse Road station art project enhanced and complimented the £900,000 station improvements completed in 2018, which was funded jointly by Transport for London and the Greater London Authority, working with Waltham Forest Council. The new artwork and improvements integrate with the wider improvements to the area including the improvements to the Standard Junction, route along Forest Road and, the new housing and commercial developments in the Blackhorse Lane area and new links to the Walthamstow Wetlands.’

London Borough Waltham Forest

‘Of all the local community efforts I have participated in, pressing clay tiles in 2020, 2021 and 2022 for the mosaic roundels at Thornton Heath and Selhurst railway stations and entrance to Kindred House has been the most enjoyable.  Each artwork helped bring together members of local neighbourhoods comprising diverse ethnicities and age ranges. Whilst we used old jewellery and a clutch of every day kitchen and office drawer essentials to create designs, none of us imagined that nondescript beige clay tiles could be transformed into beautiful works of art in stunning colours. They stand testimony to shared local community endeavours and new friendships forged as a result.’ 

Averil Coutinho, Croydon resident (Community Lead on Thornton Heath Roundel and participant in Selhurst Roundel and Kindred House Mosaics)

‘The roundels are beautiful and it is a great legacy to have involved so many people of all ages and abilities especially as this project took place over several Covid Lockdowns. Pupils from Willowfield Secondary and Winns Primary Schools made tiles, along with station staff, their families and lots of local residents. The mosaics look great and really finish off the station – fantastic work: so much time, care and attention to detail.’ 

Jimmy Jemal Regeneration Delivery Lead LBWF

‘Artyface Community Art and the way they engage the community in making it really sums up what is unique and lovely about this neighbourhood.’

Cllr Grace Williams, Leader of LBWF 

‘It was a pleasure to work with Maud on the creation of a work of public art for Archway, Islington. Community and democratised art are central to her artistic worldview. Maud was extremely collaborative and hard working. We worked together on ideas, focussed on solutions when things needed development, and when designs were finalised, I trusted her and her team completely to deliver results, all which exceeded expectations. Years of experience have made Maud a trusted professional. There were so few times I felt I needed to check the progress because she regularly informed me. What’s more, I knew the work was in the safest pair of hands.’

Seán McGovern, Heritage Project Manager, Islington Council

‘What superb artwork! It is hard to believe that this is a school project. It is wonderful to see creative pieces inspired by the Natural History Museum that the whole school has participated in.’

Grace Kimble, Natural History Museum (re: Our Lady of Victories Roman Catholic Primary School, Chelsea)

‘What a fantastic project! The playground looks beautiful!’

Cara Williams, Victoria & Albert Museum (re: Our Lady of Victories Roman Catholic Primary School, Chelsea)

‘Participating in this project has been such a great experience for me. I have learnt a lot and really enjoyed it. It has taught me so much like how to place small tiles into the right places and I’ve learnt about lots of different types of tiles. This project was a great idea because it has put lots of memories into my head for when I leave this school.’

Emily, Age 10 Year 6, Our Lady of Victories Roman Catholic Primary School, Chelsea