‘Of all the local community efforts I have participated in, pressing clay tiles in 2020, 2021 and 2022 for the mosaic roundels at Thornton Heath and Selhurst railway stations and entrance to Kindred House has been the most enjoyable.  Each artwork helped bring together members of local neighbourhoods comprising diverse ethnicities and age ranges. Whilst we used old jewellery and a clutch of every day kitchen and office drawer essentials to create designs, none of us imagined that nondescript beige clay tiles could be transformed into beautiful works of art in stunning colours. They stand testimony to shared local community endeavours and new friendships forged as a result.’ 

Averil Coutinho, Croydon resident (Community Lead on Thornton Heath Roundel and participant in Selhurst Roundel and Kindred House Mosaics)

‘I loved taking part in the mural sessions, especially doing all the ‘fiddly bits’. I put all my dedication into this project and I had a fantastic time with Maud and the rest of the crew. I love Artyface!

Fillipo, Year 6, Our Lady of Victories Roman Catholic Primary School, Chelsea