‘Participating in this project has been such a great experience for me. I have learnt a lot and really enjoyed it. It has taught me so much like how to place small tiles into the right places and I’ve learnt about lots of different types of tiles. This project was a great idea because it has put lots of memories into my head for when I leave this school.’

Emily, Age 10 Year 6, Our Lady of Victories Roman Catholic Primary School, Chelsea

“I think they’re absolutely fantastic. I love the bird theme and it just brightens my walk every time I walk past it. If you’ve got local people working on things like this then they will have a real sense of pride in that they can see what they’ve accomplished. It’s going to be there for such a long time as well, the longevity of them are really important.
This section of Church Hill a couple of years ago was just not anywhere near as lovely and as welcoming as it is now. The fact that they’ve pedestrianised this part and that these murials are here is the icing on the cake really.”

Susan Bailey, Walthamstow Resident