Colourful mosaics celebrate this area’s multi-cultural community, as well as celebrating nature. The school is opposite a park, in the heart of Bethnal Green, East London. A very urban environment, we thought it would be uplifting to celebrate nature through multi-cultural fabric patterns, representing the many different cultures that live in this historically and current mixed and vibrant society.  

The pupils at the primary school worked with Artyface artists, firstly drawing multi-cultural fabric patterns. They then worked with us making clay tiles, pressing in patterns and using coloured slips to make beautiful tiles that we fired and glazed. 

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We returned and took over the hall for a few weeks and pupils, staff and community members came in to take part in piecing the intricate design together. 

The mosaics transform a long and boring wall for all passers-by, on their way to the library, to the park, to and from school, and help to lift an area where anti-social behaviour has been in issue. The gorgeous mosaics twinkle and shine, whatever the weather, and are dearly loved. by those that took part as well as the whole community.

The main mosaics are on Braintree Street, on the school playground wall, the welcome mosaic is by the school entrance on Wessex Street. 

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